Does your family ever get together and play board games or card games anymore?

Growing up, my family did a lot of gaming. My mom was the family Scrabble champion until somewhere in the mid nineteen eighties. (She'll read this and call me to inform me that she STILL IS!)
Mom would also play Clue, Monopoly, Life, and Careers with my sister and me.

My dad was my nemesis. He wasn't one to let you win to build your confidence. He was talking trash the whole time. So, when I finally was able to start to beat him at some things, it really was satisfying. I remember the first time I beat him at checkers when I was 8 and the first time I beat him playing pool, I was 13. My dad wasn't a golfer, but I did get him to go with me once. I beat him badly and told him about it. That day was actually one of the most memorable experiences that I had with my dear old dad.

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Once I lived on my own. the game of choice with my roommates was cribbage. (we also played "quarters", but don't tell my mom) We also played a lot of Hearts, Spades, Crazy Canasta, and later on, it would be dominos. Sometimes it was dominos the right way and sometimes we just set them up to tumble into each other because it was more entertaining.

Now my daughter and I play Sorry and  Uno. The games are vicious as she has become quite the little competitor. If nothing else, I have helped to make her a fantastic trash talker at a young age.

What's your favorite game?

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