The recent story of Miranda Lambert dumping a salad on a woman's head (or lap, depending on which news outlet you choose to believe) reminded me of a time when my mom lost her temper at a restaurant and decided to launch some food.

Now, before you instantly assume she was in the wrong, let me explain what happened. Luckily, this incident took place in the early 90's, long before camera phones and social media.  My mom had ordered a bean burrito with no cheese. She reiterated to the woman behind the counter that she did not want cheese on the burrito. After I brought the food to the table, she unwrapped the burrito and it appeared to have extra cheese.  This was definitely not enough to send her into a food throwing rage, but she was certainly not happy. She headed to the counter and I could see her complaining to the woman, pointing at the open burrito.  I couldn't hear what my mom said, but I did hear the woman loudly use the words "crazy b****" and, well...that did it. Within two seconds uttering those words, the woman behind the counter was suddenly wearing my mom's burrito. I decided we should take our food to go, gathered our things and ushered my mom out the door.

I remember that night waiting on a knock on the door from the police, but nothing ever happened. She never faced any charges for the burrito assault.

So how about you? Have you ever witnessed or participated in using food in an argument?

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