It feels like I spend half of my day undoing what autocorrect thought I meant. The other half resetting passwords. Technology doesn't like me.

I think that Gazette photographer Larry Mayer might be the only person with a better job than mine in Billings.

I'm becoming a big Lainey Wilson fan.

And we've got a female movement in country music that so many have been calling for so many years. Along with Wilson, we've got Carly Pearce, Ashley McBride, Maren Morris, and Maddie & Tay.

The game show Matchgame burned sixty this week, and I commented how different the show would be today. Today you couldn't have the hosts Gene Rayburn and Richard Dawson hugging and kissing every female contestant. But it was a lot different back then.

I'm just learning about kids in public schools. Who now identify as cats. And some schools place litter boxes in the bathrooms. Is this a real thing?

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I remember exactly where I was when Franco Harris made the "Immaculate reception". I was at my neighbor's, the Cordells, on Christmas day in 1972 when we watched the longest game in NFL history.

Las Vegas Raiders v Pittsburgh Steelers
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And I'll never forget sitting on my couch watch the Bengals - Bills game when Damar collapsed after being involved in a tackle. And I knew right away when he went down that something wasn't right. But, honestly, I didn't think it was his heart.

As of today he's up and talking. Don't tell me that prayers don't work.

Be safe this weekend. And we will see you Monday morning at 5.

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