Our Assistant Business Manager and I were discussing accidents our kids have had and it reminded me of something that happened with my daughter Noel about 10 years ago when she was just 3. We had a sofa that wasn't pushed back against the wall. My daughter, as kids that age will do, was always looking to turn everything into a slide.

So she decided to sit on top of the sofa and slide down the back and let her momentum carry her to the front of the seated part (which was somewhat springy) which bounced her slightly before she landed on her bottom on the floor. Fun, if you're 3 and not her father worried about what could happen next. I told her to knock it off and she proceeded to climb right back to the top and do it again. Of course she didn't listen and did it again. I was sitting at my desk about 10 feet away when she went for her 3rd attempt but she lost her balance and began falling backwards off of the sofa. I froze in fear as I saw her head going directly toward the hardwood floor. My daughters life flashed before my eyes. Luckily, just moments before she landed she rotated enough to land on all fours. She did hit her head slightly and we took her to the ER to be safe but she was fine.

I've been in car accidents, a hot air balloon accident and been outnumbered in a fight but nothing was as scary as watching my own child nearly break her neck.

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