My Parents 50th: Here’s What Else Happened in 1970
This weekend (8/8) my parents, "Denny & Sherry" are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. In a society of where divorce has become the norm, not the exception, and with some people having two, three, or even more weddings/divorces, this is certainly an admirable feat. Here's what else happened in August 1970.
I’m Turning Into My Mother
I was always a 'chip off the old block.' I was just like my dad because I tried to be. I liked fast cars and Loni Anderson. But lately, I'm noticing some unsettling things.
My Kid’s Favorite Event is This Saturday
We do quite a few annual events here at Cat Country, but there is only one that my daughter demands I take her to: Family Life Expo. Sometimes I actually have some sort of job to do there, but we go whether I'm working or not.
Getting Your Kids To Brush Correctly
This skill, known as Chompers, is basically a two minute kid-friendly podcast designed to be listened to while brushing. It will give them a basic instruction e.g. "little circles on your top teeth" and then distract them with some jokes, riddles or trivia all the while having them change their brushing tasks.
One Of The Best Things About Being A Dad
Most parents enjoy reliving bits of their childhood by watching their kids enjoying the same stuff they enjoyed as a kid. I took my kid out for some putt putt at the new Gyser Park location the other day and she was thrilled. This is one of the great things that I never understood until I had a child of my own...
Summer Childcare
Summer vacation is only weeks away and once again, working parents will have to make arrangements to juggle child care with their work schedule. I thought I'd ask around the office to see if any of the other parents had any recommendations and two of them brought up The Boys And Girls Club...
Is it OK to Leave Child in the Car?
On April 14, 2015 a Billings woman made a quick stop at a hardware store in the heights. She made a choice that many parents have made at some point. She chose to leave her child in the vehicle while she went in the store to grab something...

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