Moments after I took this picture the line built up for the new trolley that connects Downtown's craft breweries. While a friend and I were enjoying some "Dog Slobber" at Angry Hank's on Friday night we observed a full trolley each time it passed by. Everyone seemed respectful and like they were enjoying themselves.

The P-line, Booze Bus, Route .08, Tipsy Trolley or whatever you call it travels between Angry Hanks (both locations), Spirit of Montana Distilling, Yellowstone Valley Brewing Company, Carter's Brewing, Uberbrew, Trailhead Spirits,Himmelberger Brewing Co., Montana Brewing Company,The Northern Hotel and the Best Western FRIDAY'S ONLY from 4 until a little after 8 (when the craft breweries and distillers are forced by state law to stop serving drinks).

From what I could see of the ridership it looks like it will be a huge success!

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