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I know what you're thinking but this has nothing to do with the coronavirus. This is about the difference between conservative demonstrators and democrat demonstrators. When the BLM or Antifa people hit the streets they are covered up. Hoods, goggles gas masks etc. When you see a pro-America parade or Trump demonstration no one is ashamed or hiding their identity. Why are they so ashamed to show their faces?

These branches or wings of the democratic party are not what older democrats want to be associated with. What happened on Sunday with those two sheriffs in California is the final straw for some. These anti-police radicals showed up at the hospital and were yelling for the pigs to die. A clear message needs to be sent in November. Have you heard a public statement about this from Bullock, Schumer or Pelosi? I haven't. To them it's not Blue Lives Matter, it's every VOTE matters. God help us if this strategy of theirs works. See ya tomorrow at 5.

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