The people who leave the phone books are as elusive as the Gideons. A few times a year I will come home from work to find one or more phone books on my porch. I never actually see the person leave them and I'm sure it would do me no good to say, "I don't want anymore phone books," but I do wish there was a way to opt out of this.

The funny thing is, I tend to be more on the nostalgic side. I am not one of those people who always wants to get rid of the old way of doing things in favor of the modern-day solution. I still enjoy taking my kid to the library and picking up physical books; turning pages instead of pushing buttons; etc. But the phone book isn't really like the library. It's more like the card catalog. It's just not an efficient way of getting current information and it's safe to say that I haven't opened one in almost a decade.

I know I will catch some criticism for putting these in the trash instead of recycling them, but it was just the most convenient way to get rid of them. The funny things is, when I opened the trash bin, guess what I saw sitting on top? Two more phone books. I suppose my neighbors don't use them either.

Kris Edwards,TownSquare Media
Kris Edwards,TownSquare Media

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