As soon as we were ordered to "shelter in place" and not leave our homes, I suspected that Sheryl Crow and I wouldn't be doing any duets at her show at the KettleHouse Amphitheatre outside of Missoula on June 7th. And I was right.

First off, that is a great concert venue, with the exception of parking. If you see a show there don't park inside the fenced area. It takes quite a while to get out.

My group arrived early at  Miss Crow's 2018 show. There were short lines for food and refreshments and everything was reasonably priced. Then I introduced myself to those sitting around us and explained about the singing that they would be hearing. And not just from Sheryl. They looked horrified.

But now I have to figure out what my vacation is going to look like because, generally, my vacations all were built around a concert that I wanted to see. Since we don't know when we'll be getting back to those shows, I need to find something 'touristy" to go do. I actually had tickets to another one of her shows in Denver with Chris Stapleton, and I guess that I still might go to Denver, but just have a concert free trip.

I've already been to Mount Rushmore, the museums in Cody, both national parks in our state, and the list goes on and on. So until I can pick where I want to go, "I'm gonna soak up the sun. I got my 45 on so I can rock onnnnnn."

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