Paul had the story this morning about a new doll by Mattel that looks like singer Gloria Estefan. And we wondered if they had made a Sheryl Crow version. Before I could even Google it, listeners started messaging me like crazy. Things like "I'll bet you have one already" or "No, but you'll probably buy the first one that comes out". Funny.

So, I got busy researching celebrity dolls (trying to not look like some weirdo), and was surprised who got immortalized.

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From the country music world, there's Willie Nelson, Martina McBride, Reba McEntire, Faith Hill, and her hubby, Tim McGraw.

I get the impression that older folks must collect dolls because there are some of stars who were popular back in the seventies. There's one of Carol Burnett. And you can also get a "Donny and Marie" set. Dick VanDyke's "Bert The Chimney Sweeper" from the Mary Poppins movie is pretty cool.

You can get most of the cast of Hollywood 90210. Also all four of the Ghostbusters. Or pick out both Blues Brothers, Jake and Elwood. But there's no John Goodman.

There are characters from The Hunger Games, the Twilight series, and Harry Potter. There's a doll for Harry, Ron Weasley, and Hermionie Granger.

There are a couple of different versions of Lucille Ball. And not surprisingly, one doll for each member of the South Korean boy band, BTS.

So, sadly my friends, there is not currently a Sheryl Crow doll available anywhere that I could find. And, believe me, I looked all morning.

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