A recent survey says parents are worrying more but are doing less when it comes to protecting their children from Internet dangers, such as cyberbullying, online predators, inappropriate content and revealing too much personal information.

Apparently 76 percent of parents are either extremely worried, very worried or somewhat worried about their children's online safety. How worried are you about your children's safety when they use the Internet?

Extremely worried, 15%
Very worried, 20%
Somewhat worried, 41%
Not very worried, 17%
Not worried at all, 7%

Two-thirds of parents (66 percent) are taking precautions such as monitoring the Web sites their children visit, restricting their use of social networks, reading their children's online communications or using site-blocking software, but that number is down from 74 percent four years ago.

Monitor which sites they visit, 30%
Use site-blocking software, 17%
Restrict their access to computers, 14%
Restrict their use of social networks, 15%
Read their emails or social posts, 11%
Don't allow any Internet use, 7%

It's time we start being parents again. Our children are our greatest resource and we must do whatever we can to keep them safe.

Get in their business and stay there. Without you they have nothing protecting them.