Thou shalt not bludgeon a youngster to make a point. If that's not one of the Commandments, maybe it should be.

A pastor from Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey named Eric Dammann has found himself an unintended viral sensation after he told his congregation during a sermon last summer he once punched a kid in a youth group in his chest for not taking the Lord seriously.

After giving him the ol' Rocky Balboa, the pastor asked the boy, "When are you gonna stop playing games with God?" before adding there are times "when that might be needed."

The incident happened more than a dozen years ago and Dammann says what he did was wrong, noting, "I do not endorse child abuse or the punching of children," he said. "My intention in the sermon was to make a point of how God can use our mistakes. The viral clip does not show the whole sermon, where I say what I did was wrong."

Maybe we shouldn't be surprised by his behavior, considering his last name begins with the word  "dam."

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