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We had a woman call this morning and tell us that "Paul needs to shut up, he talks too much." She did not like all the questions I was bringing up about the COVID situation. For instance, why have the cases of COVID gone up after the mask mandate? Why is there not a more serious approach for hand sanitation? Why do no other health conditions put a burden on hospitals, only COVID? How many visits to the hospital are related to some type of obesity pandemic that are never viewed as a drain on the system? How does a non-governmental employee get to make government decisions on commerce? How are people getting positive COVID test results when they are not being tested? Why are high schoolers allowed to leave the safe school environment for lunch and then return an hour later without being tested? Do you think masks are giving people a false sense of security? Why would bars close now at 10 instead of 11? How did Florida open 100% earlier this week with numbers that squelch ours? Her answer was, "I hate Donald Trump and you talk too much. You need to shut up." In other words, look, you need to let all of these people make your decisions and we'll tell you what you can and cannot do. Ok, Have a nice day. See ya tomorrow at 5.

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