As I was driving home from work the other night I just about saw my butt pass before my face...literally.

I was on Main St in the Heights  and traffic was fairly slow at the time. The vehicles ahead of me started to brake so I did the same. Just as I touched my brakes, I looked in my mirror to see the car behind coming up behind me hard and then brake hard as it skid almost under my back bumper.

I truly thought my truck was done for a split second.

As we all came to a stop, I looked to see the driver of the car with her cell phone in her hand shaking with fear and what looked like anger. As if I told everyone to stop.

As soon as traffic started going again she found a hole and went flying by with her phone still in hand.

We all know text and driving is illegal and dangerous. Why put others (me) at risk because the phone simply can't wait and you can't pull over to handle it?

I am in no mood to lose my truck which I have work so hard to get because of this stupid selfishness.

Please, I beg of you, hang up and drive.

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