I haven't bought a vinyl record in years let alone buying one in a record store. But Record Store Day is on its way and that made me think back to when me and my buddies would stop by all the places that sold records.

Sears had a record section as did J.C. Penneys, Montgomery Wards and even Osco Pharmacies sold records. So. along with stops at the actual music retailers, we sure had a lot of choices.

My friend's grandmother had a record shop in downtown Great Falls for a few years and I thought that made her the coolest grandmother ever. I remember buying John Denver's' double album "An Evening With John Denver" there. I also remember having to put it on layaway.

We have a few of the local record stores participating in this year's event. Smiling Dog Records, Cameron Records, and Ernie November are all participating.

Record Store Day is April 18th.

I need to stop by and see if they still sell those blacklight posters.

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