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We have another Red Flag Warning for today. You folks north of town don't try cooking a goat outdoors today. Let's not have a repeat of a couple of weeks ago. You know it's getting tough out there when the deer are coming to your house to eat and drink. I see them every morning now looking for an easy meal. This of course is all brought on by climate change. If you get a chance to listen to the podcast on climate change we had this morning, let me know what you think. Only bad news is associated with climate change. When Big Sky or Aspen has a great snow year for skiing, climate change never gets the credit. Neither does a great citrus crop in the south or great white water rafting or waterfowl hunting, a great lobster harvest, or crab harvest in the Bering sea. Nothing good ever is a result of climate change. Why is that? We know why. See ya tomorrow at 5.

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