For those who aren't up by 5:20am every weekday morning, and have their alarm set for 6:30am or later, there's a huge part of the Breakfast Flakes morning show that you may have been missing.

Mark and Paul get the show going with their first thoughts and reactions to the latest news and local happenings . Plus, we regularly get to catch a good story from Paul about something that broke on the ranch, followed by how poorly Mark shot on the golf course the previous day while polishing off a six-pack.

Now, with the Cat Country 102.9 mobile app, you'll be able to access the Breakfast Flakes 5am hour on-demand, in a downloadable podcast. The FIRST Cat Country News of the day will also be available in our podcast, and as Paul says, "It's fair, accurate, and you get the damn truth." With our PODCAST, you can hear it any damn time you want.

We'll be adding more of your favorite Cat Country show segments, interviews, and other exclusive content as the PODCAST library grows daily on the Cat Country 102.9 mobile app.

Here's how to find The Breakfast Flakes on-demand show segments:

  • Go to and click on the LISTEN NOW play button.
  • Click on top right link that says 'The Breakfast Flakes with Mark & Paul'
  • Select the show segment you want to listen to play clicking on title


  • Download the free Cat Country Mobile app
  • Look for the "Podcasts" icon in the middle of the home screen
  • Tap to see a list of episodes. Tap the title to play the episode and tap the cloud with the arrow to download the episode and take it with you.
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CLICK HERE to find out more about the Breakfast Flakes Podcast on the Cat Country mobile app, or through our website at

If there's a segment from The Breakfast Flakes vault that you would like to have added to the Cat Country 102.9 PODCAST, send us a message through the mobile app and let us know what you're searching for.

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