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If you have a little extra time this evening or over the holiday, I think you would really enjoy our early morning discussion today, 11/18. We talked in detail about the transformation of the America we love and what is taking place to change it. All of the coordinated events, which all seem to be working according to plan, to repudiate the American progress of the last four years. I never in my life ever thought I would see the Democratic party support troops remaining in Afghanistan after 19 years of turmoil there. We have now two vaccines ready to go and the FDA still dragging their feet to okay it. Thousands are dying, thousands are suffering economically but just wait for the NEW big blue wave that all of a sudden will come in January to save the day. And pay close attention to how it's reported. People behind this massive plan will be held accountable someday, either here or in that special place they don't believe in. Listen, I think you'll enjoy it. See ya tomorrow at 5.

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