I've never thought of Red Lodge as a "redneck town," but I suppose it depends on what you mean by redneck.

The term "Redneck" means different things to different people. For some it's a slur and for others it's a title they proudly claim. I suppose it can go either way for me depending on the context. If some well-to-do socialite is calling me a redneck, I assume it is meant to be an insult. It would make me think of words like uneducated, inbred or racist.

On the flip side, if a friend said, "We're gonna have us some redneck fun this weekend," I would assume he might mean hunting, fishing, drinking beer, riding four-wheelers in the mountains, etc.

I think as far as this list of The 10 Most Redneck Cities In Montana goes, they're shooting for the latter. Top 10 towns full of "country folks." Some of the data they used to determine the list (number of gun shops, tobacco stores, trailer parks, etc.) seems to support that.

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