You Might Live In Montana If
As I was scrolling through my facebook feed today, it occurred to me how much it sounded like Jeff Foxworthys "You might be a redneck if".
If you've got more pictures posted of dead antelope than members of your family.
Or, if your wife's job requires her to wear an orange …
Is Red Lodge 'Redneck?'
I've never thought of Red Lodge as a "redneck town," but I suppose it depends on what you mean by redneck.
The term "Redneck" means different things to different people. For some it's a slur and for others it's a title they proudly claim...
US Olympic Committee Demands Redneck Olympics Change Its Name
The first annual Redneck Olympics, which took place in Hebron, Maine earlier this month, featured events such as wife-carrying, bobbing for pig’s feet, lawn mower races, mud pit belly flops and toilet-seat horseshoes.
It also posed a threat to the real Olympics, apparently, because lawyers for the US…