The government has been trying to crack down on Robocallers, but they're far from gone. Last year, almost half of Americans received a robocall on tax day. It might not be as bad this year, but this is the time when the scammers try to take advantage of the fact that millions of Americans are nervous about their tax returns being correct. The IRS has already seen millions more people file for extensions compared to previous years because of the new tax code.

Be advised that the IRS is not going to call you to verify social security numbers or other information from your tax return. They simply don't work that way. If you get a call allegedly from the IRS, hang up. Even answering a few nonpersonal questions can cause problems because there have been reports of the callee's voice being recorded and used to get personal information with systems that use voice verification. That seems like a stretch, but why risk it, and why waste some of your precious time with these scammers.

Another great tip is to alert elderly members of your family about this scam. They are the most targeted group and have been victims to many of these scams.

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