Are you ready for a getaway but aren't quite ready for that big, summer-splurge vacation?

With the help of Helena-based AAA MountainWest, we've put together a list of five key domestic destinations that you can fly to from anywhere in Montana for $500 or less.

Wait. It gets better.

We will pick up the cost of airfare. We will give you a $500 airline gift card. All you have to do is enter here.

Wait. It still gets better.

You have at least nine, count 'em nine, chances to enter. Each of those chances will help better connect you with our on-air talent, local news, information and entertainment.

So, enter early and enter often. The more times you enter the better your chances are of winning.

Travel will be provided by Cook Travel Station.



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    San Diego/Southern California

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    San Antonio, Texas

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    Seattle/Portland/Oregon Coast

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    Las Vegas

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    Santa Fe, New Mexico