I saw a report the other night on gubernatorial Candidate Mike Cooney. First of all these local News stations throw softball questions at them because they have the same mindset. Cooney was proclaiming the accomplishment of affordable health care. Is he smoking the recreational pot that he supports? What in the hell is affordable health care? Get a hip replaced, a broken arm fixed, how much does that cost? Do you have a bad back? Get a shot of cortisone for $1,000. How about a dental cleaning and x-ray for $160.

Go into one of your corner drug stores and buy a bottle of ibuprofen. Is this stuff AFFORDABLE? Hell no, but it's necessary and that's the only reason people get it. It's simple: nothing in healthcare is affordable. Peanut butter is still affordable, you can buy 60 pounds of wheat for $4. Little Ceaser's pizza is only $5. Those items are affordable.

So, why do these people get a pass when they tell you about their affordable health care? Not only can people not afford any of it, but they have to pay for all the others who can't afford it either. Next time you see Mike Cooney ask him about this week's specials going on in health care and ask him to give you what he thinks is affordable in health care. See what line of BS he gives you.

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