Since the beginning of the shutdown, I've heard how you can hardly find an ATV or an affordable firearm, so I'm just curious. What did you buy?

I bought a pickup right before everything shut down, but that was because I wanted this particular vehicle. I haven't rushed out and bought anything else during this time of frenzied shopping. I've noticed that there are very few bicycles left in the big rack at Walmart and I've heard that camper sales are through the roof as well. So, did you upgrade your camping situation? Buy a new gun? What did you splurge on?

And if it wasn't you, what did your neighbors buy?

I was driving around on Friday afternoon and as I drove by the interstate on-ramps in Lockwood, the number of people pulling campers on their way out of town, it looked like a scene from "Independence Day" when all the space ships are first seen hovering over all of the major cities. One of Will Smith's great lines from that movie that I loved was "Oh no. You did shoot that green crap at me!"

But, I'm curious to see what everybody ended up with. I already know that most bought enough toilet paper to last several years. Folks also gobbled up all of the freezers in town when they overbought food during the first scare.

Because I'm old school, I still burn scented candles sometimes and those got bought up months ago too. I guess I never imagined that there would be a run on those. But there have been a lot of things that have gone on in the last 3 months that I never thought I'd see.

Here are 50 of your favorite retail chains that no longer exist.

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