There are certain times in our lives that we see things that literally make us question the future of man kind. I had one of those moments yesterday.

It's not hard to find a driver that doesn't quite have things figured out if you know what I mean. One drive into downtown brings out the best in some people.

As I was coming home yesterday I came across a roundabout. There are plenty that have trouble with this but this particular person found themselves in quite the situation.

Somehow they managed to go into this thing backwards. Literally, they were going the wrong way. I am not sure if they were from out of town, state or country. All I know is they were doing something very dangerous.

Luckily I was the only one around when this happened and no one got hurt.

After I got home I had to just sit there and question humanity for a minute.

What have you seen that is the latest sign the world is insane? 406-248-5665

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