The other night, I was really in the mood for some pizza.  When craving pizza, my first instinct can often be to simply grab from the coupons hanging on the refrigerator - usually full of National chain brand options.

On this night, I just felt like finding something a little different.  So, I decided to just google "Pizza, Billings, MT" and see what came up.  One of the first entries was "American Classic Pizzeria Co."  I vaguely remembered someone telling me that it was pretty good awhile ago so I decided to give it a try.

My husband is a simple pepperoni kind of guy so we went with half super pepperoni and half supreme for me and we had it delivered.  Delivery time was maybe 45 minutes or so which I didn't think was too bad.

Our pizza came nice and hot and they included a couple of small containers of ranch dressing for dipping - not a typical pizza practice but a pretty nice touch, I thought.  If you haven't tried dipping your pizza, you should - the spice of the pepperoni goes nicely with the cool ranch.

Both my husband (not a dipper) and I were impressed with the pizza.  It was hot, super cheesy and delicious and it tasted fresh.  In fact, American Classic makes their own pizza dough daily from scratch.  I'm definitely looking forward to trying some of their other delicious looking options like the White Chicken Pizza or Chili Bacon Cheeseburger.  It's all sounding pretty darn good right now.

If you don't mind carrying out, you can actually purchase a $20 certificate to American Classic Pizzeria right now for just $10 on Billings Value Connection.  American Classic is located on Grand Avenue in the same building as Hudson's Bar & Grill.

After stumbling upon a great pizza find, I'm wondering about what other great pizza options I've been missing out on in Billings.  What are your suggestions?

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