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Every morning I get out of bed by about 3:15 a.m. I walk to my kitchen, grab my sugar-free creamer, pour myself the first of what usually turns out to be 10 cups of coffee and I sit down at my computer. Then I start visiting all of the local and national websites.

The very first thing I see today was that our Holiday Parade has been canceled. COVID must not like slow-moving parade floats on a chilly night.

I posted this on my Facebook page earlier and got an avalanche of comments that I'll summarize for you. First, not everybody believes that this pandemic is dangerous. Secondly, nobody thinks that it's very likely that they will catch it while watching a parade. One comment said, "We can go to Walmart, but we can't watch a parade?"

One lady said "Better safe than sorry." Several replied with, "Let the people who are scared of getting sick stay away while the rest of us continue to live our lives not living in fear."

And several comments suggested that we just have the parade anyway. Why not? Because if we just show up and all drive together slowly we can throw candy to kids because it's not an official city parade.

Then after we get done driving around lawfully, we can patronize all those downtown businesses who have already suffered drastically this year and don't need to pass up any opportunities to make a few dollars and keep their doors open.

Questions: if there is an unofficial parade, would you participate by either driving in it or watching it?

Secondly, do you support throwing candy at parades?

And lastly, are you as tired of this nonsense as I am?

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