I will spare you the embarrassment of having to admit that you talk to your pet in a silly voice.  C'mon, admit it.  You are guilty of that too.

Instead I'm wondering what silly nick-names that you have for your pet??

How on earth I ever labeled my dog Riley as "Cornelius Budders" I have no idea.  But I'm curious...what nick names have you given your pet?

Here is what we found on Facebook...

  • Teresa G. Fauth Monkey dog lol her name is Princess. I think cuz she dances in circles on her back legs when she sees me.
  • Jena Hanser Thiel Swanky he is an English Bulldog name Tank. Lol don't know how we came up with that.
  • Sandy Christensen i have a dog her name is tuffi.. we call her "turd".... cause she is just that at times..
  • Ty Dick my dogs name is Jasper, he gets called: Casper, black dog, mike, bad black dog...all depending whos talkin to him
  • Dave Willoughby Our Rat Terrier is a full-bred so he came with a name from the breeders "Texas Tornado", but after watching him for a while, he is now "Texas Two-Step Tornado" because he tap dances in circles when excited or hungry! lol
  • Gina Comer I always add Booska to the end of their names:)
  • Justin Baker I have a ST Bernard named Winchester...he gets called chester, cheeseburger and "oh my god he's huge" lol
  • Dorene Sommerfelt We have a Husky/Shepherd mix named Loca. We call her Locarooni or Shelsky. Cat is named Kitters but he gets call Ritty Ritty.
  • Sandra Lynn thunderchunk
  • Alex Gelsleichter-Everhart i have a siamese named sammy that i call "fuzzy butt". i did that by accident one day as he was walking away from me and it just came out..lol
  • Lynda Whipple We call our shih tzu little ____, well you get the point :)
  • Jennifer Hampton Ireton knuckle head ....my rot/boxer mix
  • Julie Lowe Butterball for my 6 month old kitten after he's eaten.
  • Amy Tremblay Gartside bubbly for our cat named pepper. that is just what my now 4 year old called him from the first time the cat is now 2 yrs old
  • Cheryl Shaffer Our Pomeranian's name is Dottie West..."little pest"or "Boo Boo" Our Weimerander is Shrek..."Bo the Bow Legged Bird Dog" (he is bowlegged!) Another Pomeranian was Shonie Lynn...better known as "Pilly Willy Milk Toast Pork Roast...Bean Head" (she was always sitting at our feet when we ate, so these are a few of the foods dropped on her sweet little head!)
  • Amanda Davis Hammond Dutchess,our cat, if called Fatty. Hemi, another cat, is Hamster. And our great dane Gus is Gus the Bus or Circus Dog cuz he likes to show off :)
  • Mary's StoryBook Photography I have a pekingese pug Named Daisy that is called Daisy May or Boofa

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