My blog today is going to be about what Karen Gallagher blogged about yesterday.

Karen lost a sister over the weekend at age 55. Karen is one of my dearest friends and you never want to see people you care about suffer.

In a strange twist of events, today is the 5th anniversary of the passing of my little sister. I want to tell Karen that over time it doesn't actually get better, but it does hurt less. Most of the time anyway. For me, the rainy days are still hard. Those days give me more time to reflect I guess.

No parent should ever have to go to one of their children's funeral. There is nothing sadder. And no sibling should have to lose a sister or brother this fast. My heart goes out to Karen and to everybody who's lost a loved one too early.

For my sister, I'm sorry that you were gone before those girls of yours each had another baby. We miss you at Christmas as you were usually involved in the funniest things that happened at family gatherings. And I miss the phone calls from you trying to rationalize all the crazy things you did. Miss you a lot, Michelle.

Here's the song we used to sing along with on the radio when we were kids.

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