Have you heard the saying don't blink, they grow up too fast when it comes to your kids? I can honestly say that I feel that way about being married.  As my husband R. Brett McCrummen and I prepare to celebrate our 22nd anniversary on February 19, there are days that it seems like I just blinked and it's been over two decades.

Credit: Karen Gallagher Townsquare Media

Everyone has a story about how they met their spouse, partner, or significant other, here's ours.

It was a hot summer afternoon and I was the Assistant Program Director for Cat Country. Part of my job was to hire and train part-time weekend and fill-in on air talent. My friends Ed & Sandi McIntosh sent a somewhat preppy-looking guy my direction to apply. He had moved to Billings from North Dakota where he had been doing Radio.

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I interviewed him and pretty much hired him on the spot. He was and is very talented. We became fast friends (only friends, for a while anyway). He asked me out and I declined. He'll say I laughed in a Cruella de Vil kind of way.  I'll give it to him, he did ask again (I'm a two asker as he'll say), well, obviously I finally said yes and we went to a Little River Band concert. Let's just say the rest is history.

Credit: Makayla Workman

Through great times and tough times over the last two-plus decades, we have lived by a few simple rules: don't lie, don't cheat, and don't go to bed mad (well at least try not to). During our life together I have been blessed with two wonderful kids and a great stepson. Now that the kids are grown, we have been trying to take more vacations (just the two of us).  Here's to another 22 years babe.  Tell me about your love story, good or bad.

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