Michael Foth-TSM
Michael Foth-TSM

Yay! It's the final countdown to Christmas. Hopefully you've got most of your shopping done. At this point its getting too late to order anything online. And maybe it's tough for you to shop during the day because, you know, pesky work and stuff. Luckily, a number of stores in Billings are open late now till Christmas Eve.  I checked around and here's what I found out:

  • Target - Open until midnight
  • Scheels - Open til 9 PM
  • Rimrock Mall - Open til 10 PM
  • Toys R Us - Open til 11 PM
  • Best Buy - Open til 11 PM
  • Kohls - Open til 1 AM. Whoa, overachievers at Kohls!
  • Old Navy - Open til 11 PM.
  • Walmart - 24 hrs a day as usual

So get on it, procrastinators. Go buy some stuff.

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