Welcome to my final 250-word article of 2023. And I just wanted to say thank you to all the great people that we've met and support us each year.

The huge throng of volunteers who showed up to help at Flakesgiving. Also, all the folks that made it to the Flakes Trip giveaway party. (I SWEAR that I didn't know that she was color blind) And now I look forward to seeing some old friends and making some new ones in Mexico.

If we talked you into one of those SaverShower shower heads... We both have them and like them a lot.

I will be mostly away from Facebook while we're on vacation. But will still try to be present at the Blue Cat for "Wilson Wednesdays".

I'm looking forward to sleeping past 3:20 on weekdays. And as much time as I can possibly get with family members. We've added a couple of nephews in the last month that I have yet to meet. But Christmas is never the same after you lose a few family members. So I'll drive by the houses where I opened presents 50 years ago and think back on the great memories made there.

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Thanks to Carol with Chase Hawks who brings Paul and me gifts on our last day of work every year.

While I'm off this year, I may actually clean my garage. And at some point, I'll need to take my golf clubs out of the pickup for the season. But the forecast tells me that it might be a while.

Happiest of holidays to you and your families.

We'll see you in January.

2023 Flakes Trip Giveaway At The Rhoadside Event Center In Huntley

We had a BLAST in Huntley this year. Enjoy the photos of the shenanigans!

Gallery Credit: Josh Rath

The Sights You May Have Missed At Flakesgiving 2023

This year, the Flakes once again came together with the help of many loyal Cat Country listeners, to distribute 1,350 turkey meal boxes to the greater Billings area! If you got a Flakesgiving box, we hope you enjoy it. Otherwise, Happy Thanksgiving to all this week! Enjoy it with family, friends, and whomever you can.

Gallery Credit: Josh Rath

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