Of all the places I have lived Montana seems to be the one place that people don't completely understand. It is almost like I live in a foreign country based on some of the questions I have been asked. And depending on what part of the US you are in - they don't even know where Montana is.

So, since it's Friday and I'm feeling sassy, I thought I would share some of the stupid questions people have asked me about living here in Montana. Oh and if you have any that I don't have on here, let me know so I can add them!

1. Where is Motana? 
Yep. If you are over the age of 12 and you don't know where a state in the US is located then well... I actually don't know what to say but this counts as stupid to me!

2. Do you have horses?
While I can see why people ask this - it is still a stereotype. Not everyone in Montana has a horse and we DEFINITELY don't ride them to work or school!

3. What do you all eat up there?
Oh gosh... I don't know... FOOD! Yes, we have grocery stores. Yes, we have sushi and yes, we definitely have Chinese food. We aren't an indigenous people and we aren't a third world country. We have McDonald's and we like it.

4. Do you have internet up there?
*Palm hit forehead* Yes, we've got internet. It's even wireless!

5. Do you know Hannah Montana?
I don't even have a response to that one. I usually just look at the person with a super blank stare. They get the point pretty quickly.

6. Do you know "so and so?" 
I get that there aren't a ton of people in the state of Montana but every Montanan DOES NOT KNOW allllllll the other Montanans in the state!

7. You must love hunting and fishing.
While not a question... this statement is the equivalent of meeting someone from Texas and saying "you must love guns!" Lucky for most people who ask this of me are met with a yes because I happen to like hunting and fishing but boy do I have a TON of friends from here in Billings who do not fish or hunt and don't care to.

8.  Do cowboys and Indians still fight?
Alright. First of all - that's slightly racist. Somehow it just is. Secondly, no.

I think the about covers it. Have I missed any? Have you been asked any others? Let me know!

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