Fair Food

My Fair Memories
From only having enough money to buy tickets for just a few rides as a small child to riding rides until closing time with the wristband that gave you unlimited rides, I must not have minded standing in line in those days.
A Token Deal
The fair needs to offer the token deal in the evening too. At lunch you can get in, eat, then leave within 2 hours and there's no admission charge.Tons of people would love to go at dinner, eat and then leave within 2 hours. It would raise the concession revenue substantially...
Deep-Fried Butter on a Stick a Reality
When it comes to food at the state fair, there’s one abiding rule that all vendors must adhere to: If you fry it, they will come. To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Iowa State Fair’s life size butter cow, Larry Fyfe is offering up a fitting fair treat treat — deep fried butter on a stick.
Best Foods at the Fair – Our Top 5
MontanaFair is finally here, and with the fair comes fair food! The fair just wouldn’t be the fair without all of that deep-fried goodness. Sure, there will be lots of entertainment there, like Eddie Money, 38 Special, 3 Days Grace, Dierks Bentley and many other acts wandering the fairground. There will be rides, games, 4-H events and rodeos. There will even be the opportunity to interact with