MontanaFair is finally here, and with the fair comes fair food! The fair just wouldn’t be the fair without all of that deep-fried goodness. Sure, there will be lots of entertainment there, like Eddie Money, 38 Special, 3 Days Grace, Dierks Bentley and many other acts wandering the fairground. There will be rides, games, 4-H events and rodeos. There will even be the opportunity to interact with exotic animals like camels and monkeys. But what good is all of that if you can’t get a funnel cake afterwards?

Here’s our Top 5 Fair Foods


Indian Taco

5) Indian Tacos

It might look like your taco exploded on your plate, but we’re convinced the reason an Indian Taco is “open faced” is because a regular taco shell can’t hold that much deliciousness. Indian Tacos might not be as popular as the other items on our list, but these hearty taco dishes served on a deep-fried shells are something you should definitely try at the fair. They make a great dinner to pick up after you finish riding the scrambler.


Deep Fried Pepsi

4) Deep Fried Pepsi

For those that haven’t seen this dish before, they might be scratching their heads. Let us clear it up for you; a deep fried Pepsi is not something you drink. Vendors make a Pepsi flavored batter that is rolled into balls and dunked in the deep fryer. Deep fried Pepsi can be served on a stick, or in a pile similar to a funnel cake, and is usually topped with powdered sugar. Don’t be surprised if various deep fried drinks become the future of fair food.


Strawberry Kabobs

3) Strawberry Kabobs

This is the only item on our list that hasn’t been fried. Still, you can’t go wrong with chocolate covered strawberries on a stick. Fresh strawberries dunked in a vat of delicious chocolate, then kept in the fridge until the chocolate creates a “shell” coating around the berries. We recommend sharing one of these with your significant other after you get off the Ferris wheel.


Viking on a Stick

2) Viking on a Stick

This one is a Billings favorite. It’s like a corn dog, but instead of a “mystery meat” hot dog, you get a battered, deep friend sausage. You’ll know exactly where to find these at the fair, just look for the vendor with the Viking ship and the 50-foot line of people waiting to get their hands on one of these. Skip the ketchup and dunk them in horseradish. These are certainly a must have at the fair.


Funnel Cake

1) Funnel Cakes

An absolute classic. No visit to the fair is complete without the purchase of a funnel cake. Simply deep fried batter, piled onto a plate and topped with powdered sugar. You could make them at home, but it’s just not the same as a funnel cake from the fair. Fair-goers old and young, tall and small can appreciate a good funnel cake. Make sure you get yours this year.

Did we skip your favorite? Let us know which ones we missed in the comments section below.

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