Opening weekend of the fair…and the food did not disappoint!

As I explained last week in my blog, we were each assigned a story to cover at Montana Fair this year. I drew the food card. A tough gig, but you gotta do what the bossman tells ya, right? So off I went to the fair on Friday afternoon to check out the food.

I pulled into the parking lot about 3:45 and the smells of fair food were already floating through the air. I had a feeling my taste buds were in for a treat. It’s a good thing I skipped my lunch!

Now, I went into this assignment with a plan. I was first going to survey the players. A simple ‘walk by’ if you will, to get an idea of what my options might be. There was a little bit of everything for every discerning palette.

I saw stand offering deep fried corndogs, won tons, cheese curds, hamburgers, twinkies, snickers – all the usual fair food you could expect. Wilcoxson’s was set up offering their delicious ice cream. You could wait in line for a Viking – a fair food tradition for many.


Overall, I was a little disappointed in the food selection at Montana Fair. There were no deep fried pickles, no doughnut ice cream sandwiches – none of the hot items making their way around the country seemed to have made it to our fair.

That’s not to be said I did not come away full – I got my fair share of fair food.