Does Humor Make Things Better?
Of course he's not happy about it and calls to find out what happened, after apologizing for their mistake, they did deliver the flowers, though a day late, with a note. I think the note is hysterical.
Cactus Flower
I was checking cattle water yesterday, which I really enjoy when I get to do it, and I noticed the cactus are blooming.
It's My 18th Wedding Anniversary
Right off the bat I can honestly tell you I don't deserve my wife Monica. She's been my partner and friend for the last 20 years and my wife for the last 18. I am 49 but with the maturity level of an 25 year-old (I'm probably overestimating here)...
roses arent the only flowers
I must admit, my favorite flower arrangement to receive as a gift is NOT Roses...but breaking this news to my sweetie didn't get me any points.  I think a lot of ladies out there would agree that there are other beautiful flowers to send for Valentine's Day...