45 Guns In 45 Days Winners List
Congratulations to...
Michael Eckley ticket number 2020 Feb 2nd
John Matheny ticket number 29 Feb 3rd
Dick Derbyshire ticket number 2673 Feb 4th
Tom Petersen ticket number 2457 Feb 5th
Linda Faw ticket number 1901 Feb 6th
Rhea Andrews ticket number 1657 Feb 7th
Wade Reynolds t…
Guns Don’t Belong In The Hands of Toddlers!
Three year olds should NEVER have access to guns! Let’s face it folks - there is a need for some type of gun control. And we are in favor of keeping guns out of the hands of three year olds. Especially after what happened this weekend in Yellowstone National Park...
Shoot S*** This Sunday In Billings!
This Sunday morning at 9am The Billings Rod and Gun Club's muzzleloader group will be setting up steel silhouette and paper targets to shoot at. Whether you are an expert, a novice or you have never even picked up a weapon they are inviting all members of the public to come out...

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