John Denver

John Denver And Me
I attended the ceremony in Denver when he was inducted into the Colorado Music Hall Of Fame. It was a very memorable night.
If you are a friend of mine on Facebook, then you might have seen the "Album Challenge"  I was nominated for by Tim Giesler.
It's 10 of your favorite albums, in no particular order. And you can invite another one of your friends top play along...
John Denver
About 6 years ago, a friend of mine in Denver clued me in to the fact that John Denver was going to be inaugurated into the first class of the Colorado Music Hall Of Fame. And she had one extra ticket. i said "I'm there" and went to the show...
Ted Vigil Is A Dead Ringer (Voice And Face) For John Denver
The Alberta Bair Theater presents The Music Of John Denver this Saturday (yes, Valentines Day) starring Ted Vigil. The former rock singer is sounds just like the 'Country Boy' singer and looks a lot like him too. We sat down with Ted to discuss how he got started as a John Denver tribute a…