Caption This Photo of a Driving Dog
I spent part of my Saturday filling up gas tanks of vehicles in anticipation of the colder temps that we have now.
I took this picture after I filled up my pickup.
The dog's owners told me that she jumps into the driver's seat whenever the driver gets out...
See Who's Leading The Best Day Hunting & Fishing Contest
With more than 2 weeks left to VOTE for the Best Day HUNTING or FISHING contest, there's a tight race for the Top 3 spots. Voting officially ends on December 28th with a new Traeger Tailgater Grill from Fred's Appliance being awarded to the three entries receiving the most votes.
Not in our town
It has been more than two decades since many of Billings` citizens took their national attention-getting stance against hate and discrimination in our community.
The "Not In Our Town" event sparked a nationwide movement to encourage other Americans to show their support for diversit…
Big Sky Country!
There are a lot of great things about the Treasure State such as wide open spaces, great fishing and hunting, clean air etc. However they don't call this Big Sky Country for nothing. As I was leaving the gym this morning I was stopped in my tracks by this amazing scene...
Today the last time this century the day, month and year will be the same number... 12-12-12. It's also one of the few days each month the date will look the same as it does in Canada where they put the Month first before the Day and Year...
Tim McGraw Shares Studio Photo
Tim McGraw is generous with photos of his handsome self on Twitter. A week after sharing a shirtless pic, showing off his buff chest and muscular arms, which generated quite a bit of chatter in the process, the singer tweeted a photo from the studio.

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