Shame on LeBron
LeBron James just stepped in it. They are burning his jerseys in Hong Kong after admonishing Houston's GM for siding with freedom seekers in Beijing.
My Political Dollars
Today's blog is unusual for me because I hate blogging about politics. But, my Ring doorbell purchased at Costco turned political yesterday.
Here's What Democrats DIDN'T Clap For
During the State of The Union address last night, I made a list of the things that Democrats did not clap for. Here they are:

Greatness over gridlock
5.3 million jobs created with 600 thousand of them in manufacturing
5 million fewer people on food stamps
the lowest unemployment numbers in history for A…
Out Of State
Does everyone out there know that Kathleen Williams- who is running for the House, wasn't born in Montana?
She graduated from Berkeley in California.
I know how much this means to Democrats who hate people born in other states like Gianforte and Rosendale...
It's Working
Jon Tester's campaign is now trying to counter his nickname that he earned after supporting the horrific Iran deal. Tehran Jon's TV commercials are now hoping to get mileage out of their nickname for Matt Rosendale.
Making fun of where you are born won't have nearly the impact as suppo…

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