My Political Dollars
Today's blog is unusual for me because I hate blogging about politics. But, my Ring doorbell purchased at Costco turned political yesterday.
Here's What Democrats DIDN'T Clap For
During the State of The Union address last night, I made a list of the things that Democrats did not clap for. Here they are:

Greatness over gridlock
5.3 million jobs created with 600 thousand of them in manufacturing
5 million fewer people on food stamps
the lowest unemployment numbers in history for A…
Out Of State
Does everyone out there know that Kathleen Williams- who is running for the House, wasn't born in Montana?
She graduated from Berkeley in California.
I know how much this means to Democrats who hate people born in other states like Gianforte and Rosendale...
It's Working
Jon Tester's campaign is now trying to counter his nickname that he earned after supporting the horrific Iran deal. Tehran Jon's TV commercials are now hoping to get mileage out of their nickname for Matt Rosendale.
Making fun of where you are born won't have nearly the impact as suppo…
I Mayor May NOT Vote
Actually, since I don't live in the city limits, I can't vote for ANY of the mayoral candidates. But, at this point in my life, I know a little bit about politics and politicians. And I don't care much for either.
So, when I'm sitting someplace where they serve beer and somebody s…
Political Advertising
Political advertisements are a necessary evil.
But, I have a question for everybody who votes. After a very lengthy presidential election, and now a very hotly contested election for our lone senate seat in Montana,
Is there any voter out there who doesn't know who they are going to vote for...
When You Break Up With The Flakes
It happens. Seasons change. Opinions change. Times change.
We have lost people and their allegiance through the years, usually do to differences in political opinions. Apparently, if you voted differently than we did, then we can't even be friends...
Post Election Thoughts
My first thought happened about 10 a.m. yesterday morning,  "Thank God that I don't have to play any more political commercials".
Then, I saw gloating on Facebook by the people that voted for Trump. And that's fine if that's your thing...
Politicians Advertising
As I continually get more and more sickened by all of the political advertisements that I see on Television and hear on the radio, I have a couple of thoughts.
First, some years ago there was apparently a law on the books in Montana where no political ads could run on an election day...
My job here requires me to be active on social media, and in doing so I see a lot of political opinions that I don't agree with. And today was hard. Hard to just sit there and watch all of the anti gun wackos raising hell about how better guns laws would have prevented the nightclub shooting in…

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