I'm not terribly vocal about politics very often, but I saw an article in the Gazette this morning dissecting Tim Sheehy's company. While describing how he lost 77 million dollars last year, they used phrases like "debt covenant violations" and "insufficient liquidity". No mention of how many homes or the number of acres of forest he saved by putting out fires around our state.

And what bothers me is how the newspaper doesn't have to play fair. Radio & TV stations do.

The equal time rule specifies that all American radio stations must provide equivalent access to competing political candidates. The paper doesn't. Otherwise, in tomorrow's edition, you'll see an article detailing expenditures from John Tester's farm.

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Not just because we're required to, but because we think people want to hear from the candidates, we've always given equal time. Candidates don't get to supply us with their list of standard questions that will help them look good. They get fair questions concerning major campaign issues. And if you listen to us, then you've heard that we interviewed Ric Holden and Stacy Zinn on our show. Both are Republicans running for Congress.

From my perspective, it's better to get a chance to meet and listen to these folks. Then I can make my decision on the election not just based on what color yard signs they put up. Or trying to gauge who they are from a 90-second sound bite on some local TV newscast.

If you take the time to read this, I already know that you know this stuff. And that you'll vote. You'd better. We need you.

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