Next time the Governor is in for a visit, I have a suggestion for him, and I think I speak for most Montanans. I was so mad last night watching a video of some punk-ass kid stealing 40 iPhones out of a store by himself while the employees stood there and watched. No doubt these people are fearful of retribution from their employer. Just last week, three Albertson's employees were fired for stopping a shoplifter. What the hell is wrong with this world?

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We should be rewarding citizens and good Samaritans who want to see law and order restored. They should be recognized by businesses for going above and beyond. Nope, instead these stupid policies are leading the way with the rise in crime. They also lead to higher prices for all of us – that's the crime. The loser criminals know they won't be stopped.

We need our state legislature to act on this: no liability for the employee, and businesses can't do business in our state for firing an employee doing a good deed. I thought employees were also supposed to have certain protections and rights?

Do you think the majority here in Montana would like to see an end to this? Absolutely. Would anyone stop a theft from your own home or car if you have the means? Yes. If someone pulls a gun in the event of a crime, that's different, but shoplifting and petty theft have to be stopped.

I quit shopping years ago at Best Buy when they did the same thing. If we don't change this, we will continue to be a lawless society, and the criminals win.

See you tomorrow at 5.

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