I'm Still Trying To Talk Like The Farmer
A few months ago, I asked Paul if he put his hay into stacks or rolls. And no, I will never live that down. "It's a hay BALE, not a Cinnamon hay roll." He tells me I have to learn the right way to talk if I expect to be invited out to the ranch.
Cactus Flower
I was checking cattle water yesterday, which I really enjoy when I get to do it, and I noticed the cactus are blooming.
They're On Their Own Now
I was wrong when I thought it would be great when the kids were on their own. However, I am overjoyed that the cows and bulls are now on their own for the summer.
This Is New
So far, we have had three cats have their kittens in the calving shed, but new this year is the "community cafe." They just put them all in one pile and then go over and nurse them. The kittens just find an opening and latch on to whatever is available...
Don't Buy the Rhetoric
Can anyone tell me how much the price of tractors and combines went down between 2010 and 2017? The answer would be none. They all went up substantially and no tariffs.
Why I Won't Accept Help During Branding
I've often been asked if I need any help during branding. I turn down almost all of it. Branding can be dangerous and you just can't take the chance of getting someone hurt. The cows are on edge and the calves are cute but strong and powerful too...
How Did This Get Here?
Yesterday, I found a golf ball in my pasture that no one can get to. So, how did it get there? Was it an eagle or crow that dropped it? This is not the first one that I have found either. I go by the same spot every day. It's strange. Maybe it was the Easter Bunny...

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