Why do I seem to get disappointed every time I eat out? Don't get me wrong I love the social part of it and the conversations, that's great. It's the meal for the money that seems to let me down.

I have yet to have a steak that can even come close to the flavor that my own beef has.

Credit Paul Mushaben, Townsquare Media
Credit Paul Mushaben, Townsquare Media

The salad that you get is out of a bag that has been sitting out and is room temperature when you get it. Salads are supposed to be fresh and crisp and cold as well. The sides are mediocre at best and then pay 40 bucks for it and it makes you wonder why you do it.

To me, it's just food that pretty much is, all the same, no matter where you go. The one thing that I think is better than you can get at home is Mexican food, there is some really good stuff around.

Mexican Food in Montana
Credit: Paul Mushaben, Townsquare Media


The breakfast food options are great too, their pastries and things are way better than at home.

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Pizza is another, there are a ton of different options in town that can all do it better than you can at home.

But when it comes to steak, chicken, or burgers the ones at home are the best. Think about it: Have you ever had a turkey dinner at a restaurant that could even come close to the ones you have at home during the holidays?

If there is one out there I've never heard about it. It all tastes the same to me, just food for thought.

See ya tomorrow at 5 a.m.

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