Flakes Trip Kick Off And F.Y.I.
Last night was the first chance for listeners to get signed up to win our trip to Jamaica. And we saw a lot of familiar faces. Some of them that have traveled with us before. Some who are just bound and determined to win it eventually.
Topics of conversation included weight loss, I-185, Curtis Lemmon…
King for a Day
There's a song called "King For Just One Day" by the Thompson Twins that led me to my blog topic today.
The premise is that you get to make whatever rules you deem necessary. They can be serious or not.
Here are mine. If I were king for just one day, I would:
Make it a law that s…
If I Were King For Just One Day
There's a song called "If I were King For Just One Day" by the Thompson Twins. and that's where the idea for today's blog comes from.
It's just a series of pet peeves that I would change by simple declaration. As I don't want to have to get it done by folks …
Can't Watch Your Kid Golf
Dumb rule. And these days with social media and using the internet, we can put pressure on the Montana High School Association. And while I'm at it, I'm going to e-mail our local TV sports anchors and try to get them to put some pressure on, as well.
The Pussification Of Sports
Warning: playing professional sports can be hazardous to your health! When you suit up you know you could get hurt, even at the couch potato level sports I participate in. Because pros are bigger and faster than ever, some measures are to be expected...
Play the 2013 CMA Awards Drinking Game
Tonight (Nov. 6) is the biggest night in country music: the CMA Awards! I love country music, but honestly, awards shows can get a little dry on their own. So, what better way to make the ceremonies more enjoyable than a good old fashioned drinking game?