It has been since March of 2020, that we have been able to go to Canada as tourists! Non-essential workers have been able to go back and forth for months, but if you are not an essential worker, this is super exciting news. As cars lined up Monday when the opening of the border was announced, I couldn't help but feel excited as well! I have lots of Canadian friends who have been suffering mentally and financially, and not to mention, a lot of my dual-citizenship friends had been kept away from their families up north for over a year. Some lost loved ones close to them. As far as Canadians entering the United States, well that is still on hold for the time being.

With the opening of the border, there are lots of details you will need to know. Here are a few that you should keep in mind. I will add a link at the end for a full list.

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You will need to be fully vaccinated. The Canadian Government requires that people traveling into Canada will need to be fully vaccinated with one of the following vaccines 14 days prior to entering: Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, or Astrazeneca.

PCR Testing. Everyone will need this, whether you are vaccinated or not. Now when you are leaving Canada, fully vaccinated citizens will not need to test, unless you are randomly selected.

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Documentation. Fully vaccinated travelers will need to show their Covid-19 vaccination card. So don't forget!

Kids (12 and under). Yes, your unvaccinated children can enter Canada. As long as they are with an adult who has been approved to travel with your child ARE fully vaccinated.

Be Safe and see you in Canada!

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