There's a song called "King For Just One Day" by the Thompson Twins that led me to my blog topic today.

The premise is that you get to make whatever rules you deem necessary. They can be serious or not.

Here are mine. If I were king for just one day, I would:

Make it a law that sports cars must only come in red.

Every person would have to serve 12 months in the military to learn how to work hard and be respectful.

Every 18 year old would have to work "Fast Food" for 122 months so that they could learn how to clean and how to develop a work ethic.

I would make ALL seats on passenger aircraft first class. Make it less about money and more about comfort. And all seats would cost the same amount and you would sit were you ended up in a random drawing. (Hey, it worked for Garth)

I would declare that you only had to pay for the channels you actually watched in your cable/satellite packages. Why am I paying for DIY?

I would make golf class mandatory in junior high school.

And we would redo the entire drivers licensing system. Better drivers would be allowed to drive faster.

Dilly, Dilly. The king has spoken.

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