How People Wasted Time At Work Before Facebook
Back in the day, before people could check their comments on Facebook, play Candy Crush or Tetris on their cell phones people had to use real objects to spend their "down time" at work. I remember having a Nerf basketball with a little hoop that hung over my office door...
Thrift Store Find Of The Week
Usually when I hit the thrift stores here in Billings I'm looking for Mid Century Modern furniture and accessories. I love the Mad Men look and while I do buy and sell I figure if I get stuck with what I buy then it's something I'll still enjoy...
Don’t Try To Fix Stuff Unless You Know How
So last week I found this super cool vintage film projector made in the late 1940's... an "Ampro Stylist 16mm". I purchased it at St. Vincent's Thrift Store at Montana and 27th Street for just $20. I was pretty excited when I plugged it in as all the vacuum tubes lit up.