Living with a teenage girl has been an experience to say the least.  Recently, I've noticed that when her and her friends talk, it's like I'm listening to a foreign film.  Does anyone else think that teenagers have their own language and it means something totally different that what we think it means? For example here are a few I hear from my daughter Bailey and her friends.

  • "T Time" -  Gossip
  • "Shook" - Shocked
  • "Mood" - I feel you
  • "Big Assed Fact" - True fact
  •  "Flexing - Showing off
  • "Smash" - Making out
  • "Whip" - your vehicle
  • "That's wack bro" - Crazy
  • "Kop" - I have to get me whatever (ie pair of shoes)
  • "Bet" - challenge
  • "Big RIP" - Failure
  • "No kap" - No lie
  • "I'm dead" - Dying over here
  • "Sick" - Cool or awesome

The best part is when I use some of these terms when I'm talking to Bailey or her friends. Bailey get's mortified because I'm too old and not cool enough to use their words. Do you have kids that use these terms?

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